September 24th, 2005


Hands: 7/36

I managed to get a few shots done on my Hands assignment. I took a liberal interpretation of the theme and photographed some statuary as part of it. I was also unusually brave and enlisted the aid of a few strangers to get some variety in there. I'll have to try and track down a few more hands tomorrow, I'd like to get the film in for processing as early as possible.

I have a tentative selection for "funniest family photo". I don't think it's terribly funny in the usual sense, but it's a start/last resort.

Aside from that, the weekend's going well so far. I did some serious organizing and cleaning, which felt pretty good. The photo shooting this afternoon was combined with a walk, and that's always something I like. I'm glad that I do as much walking as I do, my legs are starting to feel the extra exercise I've gotten since school started. Tonight we're going to hang out with some friends, and I may be able to snag a few more interesting images for my project.