January 15th, 2006



I've finished shooting a roll of black and white portraits for class on Monday. We'll be developing it ourselves and making archival-quality prints from the roll. I'm looking forward to learning that process, as it's quite useful for fine arts, and I'd love to start compiling some work for potential shows down the road.

I didn't get much shooting done over the weekend aside from that. I just have such a hard time handling the gray skies, and when I'm carrying all of my school gear I'm less likely to walk. The days are getting longer though, which helps a bit. I'm going to have to self-assign something interesting so I get some more stuff done for me.

Aside from that, life's been going pretty well. L and I had a wonderful date last night, including some great conversation. It's kind of funny, even though we've been living together for about two years now, we still have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to really getting to know each other. In spite of both of us being strong, versatile communicators, we sometimes hit blocks and struggle to express ourselves to each other. It was great to strengthen our connection like that.