April 29th, 2006



Of all the images, I'm the least pleased (from a technical perspective) with this set. Mostly the issue is from the scanner, as some of the subtle details in highlight areas were lost with the scan. If I have time, I'm going to try and get a better digital rendition, but I'm not expecting to have time.

Lighting was mediocre to bad for all of these shots, and my wide-angle lens is pretty dark. It's good that I like the hints of motion blur, since they were unavoidable. The 12-24 is actually a little too wide for my film camera, I have a very hard time getting close enough to moving subjects to fill the frame. However, this set is different from the others in that all the images are wide. The only one that I had to seriously crop was the first, and the film was fine-grain enough that it held up reasonably well.