October 17th, 2007



And now for something a little different..

While my digital camera was in for repairs, I made do by shooting more film than usual. As such, I now have a bunch of negatives but not much time to print them. I had a lab do the developing for them and also a set of contact prints, which is basically taking an entire sheet of negatives and laying them on a sheet of paper to expose them. Contact sheets make it easier to assess image quality as they are positives, not negatives. In any case, I thought it might be neat to scan a few and post them here. This one in particular was shot over the course of about forty minutes while walking from work to a friend's house. I chose it as it shows not only what a contact sheet looks like, but some of my creative process when I come across something that I want to shoot. You can see the sequence of angles, occasional changes in focal length and depth of field, and so on. There are also a couple of blown exposures (I'm not perfect). The full version of the sheet is quite large, big enough to get a feel for each individual frame. I didn't bother removing all the dust specks from the scan or doing much other post-production, so the whole thing may look a little rough.