April 1st, 2008


Viral Marketing

The store I work at is part of a small business association, with all kinds of interesting members. I managed to find and capitalize on a cool opportunity. There are a couple of billboards around the city that haven't seen much use lately, so after wrangling with an ad agency in the association I set up a few pieces as a viral marketing campaign to get people interested in my show. I have no idea how effective it will be, but it looks cool.

They won't be up for long, let me know if you see them!

Edit: Yes, this is an April Fool's prank. I'm sorry for the temporary lapse in better judgement ^_^

Re: Viral Marketing

I actually feel a little bad about this, after all the kind words and support. The previous billboard post is actually an April Fool's day joke! I was working on a related technique in Photoshop for a tutorial and thought it would be interesting to see how well it holds up to inspection. Apparently it was at least passably convincing.

I don't normally participate in practical jokes/April Fool's pranks. I thought it was an interesting little project. Hopefully I haven't annoyed anyone with the trick!