Eureka (eurekagray) wrote,

Student Council

Apparently, Prairie View has a small student organizing body. We're only 16 students and three instructors so we don't need something terribly formal, but there's still a small committee to help organize various things over the year. There are four students, two of whom are selected by the teachers and two of whom are voted in by the student body. I was one of the teacher selections. I must say that I'm quite flattered by it. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.. added work as well, though probably not too much.

I'm also working on the first Student Initiative Adventure Day with my co-selectee. I'm not going to write too much about it just yet because we haven't finished deciding what to do, and I know a few other students use LiveJournal :) Again, it should be a lot of fun. We've got the core ideas down, and we'll be coordinating efforts on Friday to do a shooting assignment.

I finally finished up the roll of slides I was putting through my grandfather's camera. Most of them seem to be underexposed, pretty significantly. I'm not entirely sure of where to go from here, but I may drop it off for a checkup and see if a technician can find out more about what may be wrong.
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