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Trapping Packrats

I've taken a lot of really bad pictures over the past four years. I think it's turning into a very good exercise to excise them from my hard drive. Partly I need the space, partly.. well, I'm never going to use them for anything, and the ones that I kinda like I can pretty much reproduce now, only better. I'm still holding on to some family pictures that are less than ideal (camera shake, for instance) but I'm doing a good clearing of the general crap that's accumulated.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be helping one of the teachers on a commercial photo shoot. I'm really looking forward to it, it should be an excellent experience. My role is going to be pretty minimal but that just means I get to spend a lot of time observing Craig in action. I'm going to need Serendipity for the shoot though, which is part of the current impetus to clear up as much hard drive space as I can manage.

The photo shoot today was pretty fun. I didn't have much to do for my part as a model, mostly my shoulders were used as a framing device. Still, it was cool to watch, and listen to the client and artistic director talk over goals and shots with the teachers.

In any case, back to clearing out the digital detritus.
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