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Our next board assignment is themed "Abstract", and I dropped off two slides for printing today. They're from the roll I shot just last week, night-time playground stuff. I've never made prints from slides before, so it's all going to be very experimental for me. Unfortunately, they won't be ready for me until Tuesday, so I'm not going to have any time to preview them or get other prints made if needed. I'm sure that at least one will work out though.

We printed some of our "Best Buds" pictures today in the darkroom. I have a great shot of L and a friend of hers that's pretty much ready to be handed in. I need to do a bit of grainspotting on it but not very much at all, and I have enough prints to screw up the retouching and still have copies to hand in and give to my gracious models.

Our next board assignment is "Night" and I'm sure I've got enough stuff, either from slides or digital, to get a good print made. I think I'm going to get a nice print made from digital files at the Labworks.

I'm halfway through my "Winter" roll, which isn't due until Thursday. We're developing it in class again so I have plenty of time to finish shooting.
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