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In my original layout, the "fashion photographer" (which is still me) came last. I'm switching the order up here because, well, I feel like it. More importantly, it's an area I haven't posted much of in the past, so I wanted to get some images with a different look and feel up. Here's what I'm using:

In spite of pushing the film an extra stop, this negative wound up underexposed. My original print had an additional model to the right of the three featured here, dressed differently and facing a different direction. However, I simply could not get the print to work without a ridiculous amount of work, involving a difficult split contrast print job at the very least. When I asked for some advice on how to proceed, Elaine recommended going to the square crop. I still like the concept behind my first crop, but this one is probably at least as strong in a different way.

A model and her dog. I found it interesting how the dog was used as an accessory. I leave the social commentary to the reader.

A fashion designer and his.. model. I found it unsurprising how the model was used as an accessory. I leave further social commentary to the reader.

Given that the subject matter is outside my usual range, I'd be very curious to hear feedback/constructive criticism on the images.
Tags: audience participation, fashion, photo, photography, photojournalism, school
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