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Fine Art

This section actually came first in the layout I submitted for my magazine article. It's also the section I feel most confident about.

This is a neat bit of darkroom manipulation, and the only non-standard print I did for the project. It's a sandwiched negative, one image being L posing for a previous assignment, and another image of moist tin foil (don't ask). I really like the overall effect.

While the printing on this one was pretty straightforward, the capture was more experimental. I had my SP rangefinder loaded up with Delta 3200 film while I was hanging out at Die Maschine on a friday night, and was guessing at exposures, focus, and composition. I really liked the overall effect that came out, even if it was a healthy blend of luck and skill.

This shot made it into the essay almost exclusively because of the previous shot. I like it anyway (it's the front of the MEC building) but I put it in specifically as a companion piece to the club shot. In spite of being a totally different subject matter, location, time of day, exposure, and film type, the two photos are essentially the same. It took a while on the printing to give it enough punch to keep it interesting as well.
Tags: fine art, photo, photography, photojournalism, school
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