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Colour Film

The one thing I haven't shot much of this year is colour negative film. I go through a lot of black and white film, plus some colour slide film, but no colour neg film. There's just not much point; my digital handles colour imaging quite well, and I can adjust the images in Photoshop to get them ready for printing just the way I like them. However, on Monday, we're going to be printing colour negatives in the darkroom. Over the last week, I've been trying to finish up a roll (I chose Fuji 160 in the hopes it would have brilliant colour; it looks like it does) but the lighting has been very flat so I haven't had a lot of progress. Today, I finally did get a chance to shoot the roll and have it developed/scanned. The image above is one shot from the roll.
Tags: colour negative, darkroom, nature, photo, photography, school
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