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Business Final, set 2 - A Creative Interpretation of Reality — LiveJournal
Photographic slices of existence

Date: 2006-06-09 19:00
Subject: Business Final, set 2
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Tags:architecture, business, colour, commercial, digital, nature, performing arts, school, urban

This was the shot I took as the "cover" for the brochure layout in my Business practical exam. That's why there's so much empty space at the top; I shot it with room to add text for a title. Even so, the composition works out pretty nicely.


I love playing with depth of field; I wanted to give an impression of people in the background, without too much detail


Serendipitously, there was a concert going in the area while I was out shooting. This isn't my best band shot ever, but it fit the assignment perfectly.

The cut images are cross-posted to winnipegphoto and citylife again.
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