Eureka (eurekagray) wrote,

Used(ish) gear available

EDIT: All items have sold.

I'm very happy with my current kit but I have an opportunity to get a great deal on an upgrade, so I'm going for it. As a result, I have two possible offers for people who may be interested in picking up some Canon DSLR gear. Obviously it's easiest to do this in Winnipeg, but I'm willing to ship out of the city as well if there is a buyer.

First off, I will soon be receiving have a brand new Canon 17-85 IS EF-S lens as part of the upgrade. Basically, the deal was for the Canon 30D w/ 17-85 lens as a kit, but I'm just interested in the 30D body. The only reason I don't want the lens is that it won't fit on my film camera (it works on DSLRs with the EF-S mount, i.e. the Rebel series, 20D, and 30D) and I want to keep my entire kit useful as a film/digital hybrid system. The lens is literally new in the box (I haven't even gotten my hands on it yet as it's still shipping) and it normally retails for about $750 plus taxes. It's great for a wide angle to moderate telephoto zoom and has an optical image stabilizer built in to reduce camera shake. For just the lens, I'm asking $500.

The second possibility (which is slightly more my preference) is to sell a full kit, including my used Canon 20D. I'm torn on this, as I love the 20D, it's served me quite well, and I could use a backup camera just in case. However, I don't have a lot of liquid cash right now, so there's a compelling argument to sell it. Regardless, if I'm selling the body, it will be bundled with some additional equipment, including the aforementioned effectively-new 17-85 lens. Also included will be the original parts (strap, battery, cables, etc.), a 512 mb Sandisk memory card, a 75-300 EF lens w/ UV filter, and a Lowepro shoulder bag. I'm asking $1400 for the entire kit.

If the lens sells alone, I may be willing to part with the 20D body only, but I absolutely need to sell the lens to afford the upgrade. So, the lens is available either alone or bundled with the kit, while the kit is currently only available as a bundle. If you are interested, either leave a comment here or email me (eurekagray at livejournal dot com) and we can talk details.
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