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Show Progress

It's getting down to the wire for my show. I have a dozen prints ready for proofing. I should be able to do the same again tomorrow and the day after, which will cover off the number of images I hope to have for the show with a few extras in case I don't like one or more at full size. I'm getting them done as 8x12s for now; they'll be 8x12 but matted to 11x14 for the show itself. If all goes well I'll have at least one dozen final prints by the end of the week so I can start the whole framing process.

Many of these images have already been processed at some point, but I keep getting better at post-production and developing new techniques. As a result, I basically scratched my previous versions and made completely new ones for the show. So far I'm pretty happy, but I'm a bit nervous to see them in hard copy.

I'll post a little gallery of the current set momentarily.
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