Eureka (eurekagray) wrote,

Status Report

I've been through the proofs that I sent out and made note of some changes. Half of them were fine as is, the other half need a little tweaking still. I'm a bit behind where I was hoping to be but I'm still feeling pretty good about it all. My only worry is whether or not I'll be able to get them custom framed or if I'll have to go for an off-the-rack option.

I've also decided to get at least a few more proofs printed at a larger size. I've been waffling back and forth between 8x12 images on 11x14 mats or 12x18 images on 16x20 mats. I was worried that the latter would be too big to have commercial appeal, but the more I look at it, the more I think the former option is too small. I may do two series, a larger size for the exhibit with a smaller print run and a smaller size option with a slightly larger run for marketability. I'll need to decide that soon.

Currently no more image updates to the gallery, though I am working my way through the next dozen.
Tags: art show, throw away the key

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