Eureka (eurekagray) wrote,

This was lit with a pair of Speedlites, one more or less overhead with a bounce card and the other pulled back with a snoot to control spill. I pulled back to shoot the overall setup, once with the ambient light in the store and once with the same settings as the final shot. It's nice to be able to overpower the ugly orange lights and just use the flash.

Entire setup

Setup without ambient light

For a different look compared to most of my recent product shoots, I did two things. With the lighting, I made the main light source come level to the camera and used the overhead as a bit of fill. For the lens, I used my 50mm lens instead of my 100mm macro. I couldn't get in quite close enough to fill the frame (though I could have cropped) so I added a close-up filter to allow me to get the composition I wanted.
Tags: colour, commercial, digital, earth, photo, product, speedlit, studio, walkthrough
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