Eureka (eurekagray) wrote,

Both this shot and the previous were lit the same way. My beautiful subject was hanging out in the shade of a tree and I underexposed the scenery in the background a smidge. That would have resulted in a very dark headshot, so I added light with a speedlite at camera left. Additionally, I put a 1/4 CTO gel on the flash to warm the light up a little bit. The 1/4 strength gel still looked a little too warm for my taste so I cooled the entire photo down in post-production, but I left enough of the warmth in to make L appear inviting (given the nature of her work, a big plus) and get some colour separation from the background.

The flash itself was just set to meter TTL on an extension cord, which I held out with my left hand. That gave me lots of room to make fast changes to the lighting angle. I was also working above my camera's sync speed so used the high-speed sync option on the flash, without which I would either have had a severely blown-out background or way too much depth of field. As it was, the 100mm lens at ƒ/5.6 gave me a critically sharp foreground with a decently blurred background; I would have liked to shoot it with a shallower depth of field but with only one hand on the camera it's hard to keep focus sharp.
Tags: colour, commercial, digital, headshot, photo, portrait, speedlit, street, summer, tutorial, void

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