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A Creative Interpretation of Reality

Photographic slices of existence

9 April 1976
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  • eurekagray@livejournal.com
Here's what other people have to say about Eureka (still open to submissions for those interested in contributing):

drascus (unabridged): Eureka is a still pool reflecting trees and sky, while still presenting a mysterious and intriguing depth to explore. While I know nothing about his singing range, I know that his emotional range is impressive and enviable, with those he choses to bestow his friendship upon.

He's a good man, of intelligence and creative spark whose murky-interesting depths I hope to see revealed for a long time to come. They say that the best friends don't just provide companionship, they lift up the good within you. Eureka is such a person.

prizypussypants: Eurekagray is awesome, even in the 80's sense of the word. I mean, he doesn't wear his hair like Billy Idol, and I've never caught him saying "psyche!", but he's like Motley Crue. When they were awesome. Seriously, not that that wasn't completely serious, if I had to describe him in two words: quiet, comfortable. I view quiet as a wonderful thing, something we take for granted and simply don't have enough of. I would say that most people could appreciate the quiet in Eurekagray. As for comfort, it not only rubs off on those around him, he just fits in anywhere. He's the kind of guy you could take to a polka, and he'd leave with twenty new arthritic friends. He also isn't fooled by the monkey trick.

mixnmatchmemory (unabridged): I will never forget you, my friend. You have made a lasting impact on my life. Not for your wit, not for your wisdom. But for the hope and joy you allowed me to witness when my life was so hopeless and sad.

onestrugglemore: Eurekagray is the only person I've met who can carry three thousand dollars worth of hardware into a bar and not look like a geek.

chameleongirl (unabridged): In short, he's the kind of guy you want to have around when the wine's flowing!

Autobiographical Stuff:

Some slightly odd Canadian guy. In spite of being an introvert, he's pretty friendly, and welcomes most people to comment on his LJ or reach him via other channels listed above. He is an eclectic photographer, a self-proclaimed geek, a devotee to the cult of Apple, a feminist, and a patriot. In addition to the interests listed below, he is occasionally amused by writing about himself in the third person.

He uses LiveJournal as a creative outlet for his passion in photography. Vague attempts at philosophy, writing, and the like tend to fill up the remainder. While the journal began as a study in the minutae of life in Winnipeg, it has evolved into a photo journal and historical posts are now Friends-only.

All and sundry are welcome to add this page to their own Friends list, but bear in mind two caveats: First, the effort to post images daily requires a fair bit of bandwidth and, while most images are sized fairly small, they may interfere with some page layouts. Second, he may or may not add you in return, depending on the vagaries of whim, chance, and the number of active users/communities already on said list. His Friends list is more a list of journals, communities, and feeds which interest him than actual friends in the common use of the word. If being on that list is important to you for any particular reason (protected entries are rare and typically boring so you're really not missing much) the best way is to get involved and comment on his entries in some sort of constructive and/or positive fashion. He also appreciates it when comments have at least some relevance to the post at hand, though segues and tangents are more than welcome.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.
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